Its a scary thought to recognise your worth!


Its day 2 so I decided to look at what I have to offer on this journey. Well, I make it a point to try to change someone’s life for the better everyday. As a teacher, this is a natural part of the role, changing the lives of students through their successes is the best part of the job. When they grow up and start fantastic lives it never fails to give me the feeling of a proud ‘parent’. The feeling of making another person smile is fantastic but knowing that one has the ability to help others  is priceless. My focus has been on beginning to translate these skills to make them more portable without losing the mission, ‘making learning relevant and enjoyable to bring about sustained change’. I am now convinced as to the way that this can be done, it just needs a little more creativity…… Now for a long walk whilst I work out the next steps……xx


Finally beginning the journey….

The funny thing is, I have known for a long time that radical change was necessary but have managed to allude to every type of excuse not to do it. Yesterday things finally fell into place, the penny dropped and I knew that today was the day to begin. I have always tried to control the factors that affect my life, control in the hope that they do what I want them to but now I know, if the action is right, the flow is natural and unobstructed, no need for control.

As I look out of my window on a beautiful London Summer’s evening, I am smiling because so many things in my life are beautiful right now and,  because of a heightened level of gratitude, I recognise them. My children are healthy and happy, my business is growing, my genuine authentic relationships are blooming and my students are moving up. There are many reasons to smile and many many reasons to know that in 365 days time, I will feel the fear but with faith will make that step with my little family. I hope you enjoy the ride. xx